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The Special Kids Corner Wiki provides information regarding fine motor, visual-perceptual and visual-motor development, self-care, and sensory integration as they impact upon school performance. The Wiki provides a wealth of ideas and strategies for parents, collegues, teachers of special education, as well as teachers of regular education. The ideas and strategies found on this wiki are often useful for all students.

Within the Public School System, Occupational Therapists bring specific knowledge and expertise to the educational team to help address student needs.

Occupational Therapists know how to:

  • Observe a student engaging in an activity and provide strategies to facilitate the student's full participation.
  • Reduce barriers that limit student participation within the school environment.
  • Utilize assistive technology to support student success.
  • Support the needs of students with significant challenges
  • Help plan relevant instructional strategies for ongoing implementation in the classroom
  • Analyze fine motor, visual-perceptual and visual-motor, and self-care tasks to determine "why" a specific child may be having difficulty with that task.
  • Break-down specific tasks into smaller parts and modify instruction accordingly.

The Special Kids Corner Wiki is administered by Michelle E. Bowns, OTR, MAT who is a Registered and Arizona licensed Occupational Therapist who has been practicing in the area of pediatrics for over 20 years.

Michelle has experience in public/private/ and residential schools, early intervention, sensory integration clinic, 2 children's hospitals, and
home-based treatment settings. Michelle holds Occupational Therapy licenses in Arizona, New Jersey, New York State, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Michelle has worked with children and young adults with comprehensive medical needs including the medically fragile, autism, sensory integration disorder, blindness and visually-impairments, non-verbal/non-ambulatory/wheelchair bound, rare syndromes, learning disabilities, and down syndrome to list some of her experience.

Michelle is currently employed by the Litchfield Elementary School District, as well as serving as a Contractor/OT service provider through Horizon Pediatric Therapy, Inc. She was employed with Paterson Public Schools-Department of Early Childhood Education in Paterson, New Jersey at the time this Wiki was created.